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Top 5 Work Health and Safety Management Software Platform to use in Australia

When it comes to choosing the best health and safety management software for Australian businesses, there are a few key factors to consider.

One important consideration is the specific needs of your business. Different industries and businesses will have different requirements when it comes to health and safety management, so it's important to choose a software solution that can be customised to meet your specific needs.

Safety in the job site

Another important factor to consider is the ease of use of the software. The best health and safety management software should be intuitive and user-friendly so that employees at all levels of the organisation can easily access and use the software. It should also be compatible with a variety of devices, including desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones, to ensure that employees can access the software from anywhere.

Integration with other systems is also an important consideration when choosing health and safety management software. The best software solutions will integrate seamlessly with other systems used by your business, such as HR or payroll software, to streamline processes and ensure that data is consistently and accurately shared across systems.

Finally, cost is always a consideration when choosing any software solution. It's important to consider not only the upfront cost of the software but also any ongoing maintenance or subscription fees. It's also worth considering the potential return on investment that the software could provide in terms of improved health and safety outcomes and reduced risk for your business.

By carefully considering these factors and comparing the features and capabilities of different health and safety management software solutions, Australian businesses can choose the best option to meet their needs and ensure a safe and healthy work environment for their employees.


Here are the 5 best Health and Safety Management Software we found and used in Australia:

noggin logo

noggin is a comprehensive solution for medium to large organisations. It covers risk and document management, teamwork and knowledge sharing and in general, manages all safety information, key documents, tasks, checklists and corrective actions in one place. 

It also manages key details of staff, contractors, volunteers, and external parties, including their competencies and site instruction.

The only hurdle is its setting up and ongoing price point which is suitable for larger companies with more than 100 employees. So, if your organisation is still small to medium, this is not a good option for you.

evotix logo

An integrated software solution to optimise risk management, EHS, ESG or sustainability. 

Their website provides plenty of resources, templates and training material which is a great option and point of difference. 

It also integrates with other APIs and systems in the workplace and offers an easy-to-use solution for Australian businesses. 

Its multilingual option provides all people with access to the right EHS&S tools in their preferred language, which can be very useful in job sites with diverse workforce.

Like noggin, it is more suitable for larger companies with more than 100 employees. The price is based on the services you need and is not mentioned on their website. So, if your company is fast growing perhaps EVOTIX is a good option for you.

whs monitor logo

Great cloud-based work health and safety compliance management system to manage, record and report on all aspects of the organisation’s OH&S obligations.

They offer 3 tier solutions for different size businesses as per their website:

  • Enterprise

  • Large

  • Small to Medium

So, this Australian-based OH& S software offers services to small businesses as well which makes it accessible for many small operators who want to manage their health and safety system to the top-notch. 

Their software includes Risk and incident management, Asset management, HR and contractor management, policies and procedures and Chemical management.

The integration with other existing software is good and can be used via multiple platforms. They offer Q-Taps as digital labels that enable easy access and management of asset or safety information. Each label can be scanned or tapped with a mobile device to bring the user directly to the linked record.

The price range is not set and it is based on the tier and number of users, so the only option to find out is to contact them and get a specific quote.

SiteDocs logo

It is also a great software with tools to Build Forms, Analyse Data, Use its App on Site, Integration & Sharing and Monitor Compliance.

It provides offline access to make it usable on job sites with no internet access. The ease of use and suitability for small businesses make it a preferred choice for SMEs and trade businesses in Australia. 

Their price range is based on the number of users and can be obtained from their website.

  • SafetyCulture

Safety Culture logo

Last but not least is our favourite option for site OH&S and general management. It is used by many different-sized businesses in Australia and worldwide. Like others, it offers risk and incident management, document control, and also task allocations and an excellent platform for communication with stakeholders, employees and contractors.

It offers a free version to use for up to 9 users which makes it very appealing to many small businesses. It has a built-in system for some industries such as construction, facility management, retail and transport, however, the system is customisable for any other type of business to use as well. On top of the free plan, there is a premium plan which is $24 per month per user, which is also an affordable option for many SMEs.

Many cleaning and facility management companies in Australia use this software for their day-to-day operation. Despite its suitability for small businesses, it is also extremely powerful to manage large enterprises with hundreds of employees.


Obviously, there are many other providers in Australia for managing your work site and OH&S. There are some specific management systems for industries like construction or mining that might be more appropriate for your business needs. As a manager of your business, it is necessary to do due diligence and find the best software and system for your business.

Information here is based on personal experience and not based on comprehensive market research. Select the software you need wisely considering what you need and expect from it and your budget to spend.

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