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Hazard and Risk
Assessment Services

Providing Advice & Guidance You Need for your OH&S

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Property Risk Assessment

An auditor will conduct a thorough inspection of all elements related to the property's risk profile. Following the inspection, a status report will be prepared and delivered via email to all key stakeholders designated by the client. This report will establish and outline the current condition of the building, incorporating the following information:

• Visual inspections of the building and grounds, site access and egress paths for pedestrians including areas
where there may be possible conflicts with vehicular traffic.
• Identification of potential slip, trip and fall hazards.
• Check for the presence of a hazard registers and validate currency.
• Identification of hazards in using the property, both from an internal and external perspective
• Environmental factors, such as lighting, dust, heat/cold, chemicals, electricity, noise etc
• Confined space and working at heights assessment.
• Assessment of major plant (e.g. mechanical plant, passenger lifts and escalators)
• Hazard risk items will be documented with suggested controls.

Risk Mitigation Planning

We help you develop detailed plans to mitigate the identified risks. This may involve recommending physical improvements, implementing safety protocols, establishing emergency response procedures, and advising on insurance coverage.

Business Meeting

Ongoing Risk Monitoring &
Specialized Consulting

We offer continuous monitoring services to track changes in risk profiles over time. It includes regular status reports and recommendations for maintaining an optimal risk management strategy.

Additionally, our expert advisory services on unique or complex risk scenarios, such as natural disaster planning, environmental contamination, or cyber security threats affecting your properties can be provided.

* Some or all of these services are fully or partly provided by third-party consultants 

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